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What exactly is rake?
Rake is a small portion of the pot that goes to the gaming operator.

What is rakeback?
Rakeback is the percentage of the rake that you will receive according to your rakeback deal.

Can you give me an estimate of how much rakeback I would get every month?
Please, use our rakeback calculator on the front page to calculate your estimated monthly rakeback.

I´m a low limit player and probably don´t contribute that much in rake. Am I still able to take advantage of your great promotions?
Our promotions are for everyone. You have to be at least 18 or 21 years of age depending on the gaming operator.

How do I make sure I get the bonus or rakeback deal I signed up for?
You have to use our banners and links everytime you open a new real money account. If you fail to do so, you will not be tracked to us and we will not be able to pay you rakeback or that particular deposit bonus.

Is my rakeback deal temporary?
A rakeback deal is always a temporary deal. On the other hand by paying rakeback, your gaming operator wants to establish a long term relationship with you as a player. You both benefit from this deal. was first opened in 2003 and we havent lost any deals yet.

Am I supposed to play certain number of hands every month after opening a rakeback account?
No you´re not. You decide when you play what games you play and how long you play.

You have so many great offers and promotions. How do I know which one suites me best?
Please, see our current offers. On the ´references´ section you will find information on both the cardroom and the promotions.

Can I open multible rakeback accounts?
Yes you can.

Who would you recommend your rakeback deals?
We recommend rakeback to everyone. It's a great opportunity to make some extra $$$ while playing your favourite game. It simply makes no sense to continue to play without rakeback.

Rakeback or first deposit bonus?
Deposit bonus is often a better deal than rakeback for low limit players simply because they don´t contribute that much to the pot.

Am I allowed to clear all of the deposit bonuses listed on your site?
Of course you can!

I heard some guys get $10000 a month with their rakeback deal. Is that true?
It's true, some get even more. You have to remember that these players play online poker full time which means tens of thousands of hands every month in hi and mid limit tables.

I play online poker 30 hours a week minimum, often several tables at a time. Do you have any special deals for full time players like me?
We sure have. Please contact us at This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it before opening the account.

What if I fail to complete the required number of hands in given time to collect my deposit bonus?
Usually you lose the bonus.

I heard some online casinos give cashback to their players if they lose. Do online pokerrooms have similar promotions?
No, they have not. If you lose money in poker you lose it to another player, not the house. Therefore it's understandable that pokerooms have different promotions.

Which particular cardroom would you say has the best offers for new players right now?
Please, see our Current offers. The page is updated on a regular basis.

My son just opened his first real money poker account. Is he eligible for the same offers and promotions as anyone else?
He can have the same bonuses as anyone else just remember that you may not open more than one account from your computer to same cardroom. Also your son has to be 18 or 21 depending on the gaming operator.

I already have a rakeback account. How do I check my rakeback stats on different accounts?
Many cardrooms give their players access to an account where you can view your rakeback statistics. also offers rake statistics on players activity.

Suppose I play 2 tables at a time. Will that double my rakeback?
You will get paid for every table you play.

I lost my money before clearing the first deposit bonus. If I make another deposit will I still be eligible for that same deposit bonus or will I have to start all over?>
You will still get your bonus, don't worry.

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